What Type of Patio Enclosure is Best for You?

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When you want to protect your outdoor space from bugs, prying eyes, and the wrath of Mother Nature, you’ll need an enclosure.

The enclosure surrounds your outdoor area with a barrier, typically one made of glass or a screen, so you can still see outside but be kept comfortable.

But what type of barrier will provide the most benefit to your patio? One made of Glass or a Screen?

A House of Glass

A glass patio enclosure is a lot like having windows surround your patio. You’ll be able to see outside, but others won’t be able to see inside.

If you like your privacy or want to benefit from your home’s natural heating and cooling, this would be for you. It’s a more expensive option, but the windows are more durable and also easier to clean.

Using a Screen

A screen patio enclosure works like a screen door, putting netting walls around your patio that has holes to allow light through. It doesn’t provide as much privacy or durability, but many screen enclosures are retractable and can go back into the roof or the walls.

That means that you’ll be able to retract the screens and open up your patio enclosures ottawa to the outside world. If you want to fully interact with the beautiful day or just be outside, then screen enclosures can be a real benefit.

It Depends on your Needs

The material that your enclosure is made out of won’t affect its primary function. Your patio will still be shielded from bugs and elements. But do you want to choose when your patio is enclosed?

If you want a retractable option, then a screen patio enclosure might be for you, while a glass enclosure is a more permanent solution.